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Currently in England, an estimated 1.25 million children and young people have a diagnosed mental health difficulty. This is equivalent to one in eight young people. The effects of living with a mental health difficulty are both profound and pervasive, as it infiltrates many areas of a young person’s life, affecting their confidence, performance at school and their prospects of finding work. Without help and support, this can even lead to individuals taking their own lives. One in four young people who experience mental health difficulties have self-harmed or attempted suicide. Suicide is the biggest killer of young people. Legends community outreach seeks to understand the root causes of mental health and then provide individuals with the right information and tools to cope with it. Through our variety of workshops that runs all year round nationally, like cyberbullying prevention, Anti-Bullying campaigns, Knife crime prevention, improving relations between police and the community, healthy living, and cooking classes.

Legends community outreach strongly believes most individuals can excel beyond the barriers that has been put in front of them either voluntarily or involuntarily regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or creed.

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