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How it Works

How does it work?

The Learning Centre is a one-stop location for tutoring, study sessions, and workshops. We are here to help so you can learn the academic strategies to succeed in your courses. We offer Private online tuitions, private home tuitions, Group online tuitions, and Group in-centre tuitions. Our centres are currently at "Ketra Community hall, St Saviour's and St Olaves Elephant and Castle, Woolwich polytechnic school for girls, and Harris Academy Falconwood".


Nurturing amazing minds in four simple steps

Meet with our team in a free assessment session and share your challenges and your goals. We will create an individual curriculum plan to meet those needs, recognising what your child knows and what they need to know next.

How it works
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Brilliant Tutors

Nothing is too great a challenge with a Legends Tutor by your side.

We know that people make a difference when it comes to learning. They keep you going when the work gets tough, share strategies for overcoming challenges, and celebrate your success when everything comes together.

Legends tutors are brilliant at striking the balance between coaching and cheerleading. Creating memorable learning moments and developing learning habits that will support your child throughout their life.

Regular Practice of

Right Skills

Just like a muscle, a brain needs regular exercise to keep it in tip-top condition, but it also needs the right material and the right attitude to tackle it to make the most impact.

Our team of experts ensures that your child is presented with engaging material at the right level – in centre, online, or a combination of both. Your child will also have access to their learning tool at home for independent practice – it’s what you need, whenever you need it.

Where Success Comes

To You

Most of our teaching methods have been tried and tested in multiple educational settings, including outstanding mainstream schools and special education schools. So we do not just talk the talk about being a tuition centre for all abilities, but we also walk the walk with reputable accolades to show for it.

The experience garnered by our tutors over the years makes for a perfect recipe for children's developing brain.


Book a free trial to discuss your child’s needs
with our team today.

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