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About Us


Legends Learning Centre

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are an education supplementary provider aiming to help shape communities' bright minds through our affordable tuition service without compromising on quality. Every child has a right to access bespoke learning without being stuck in a bubble of a "one shoe fits all" approach they face in their respective schools.

Our Story

Day to day secondary and Primary school teachers with multiple years of teaching experience combined, got sick and tired of how learning takes place in a conventional school. We decided to rip up the rule book of a "one shoe fits all" methodology adopted in schools; to provide a more bespoke learning experience for individual learners, whilst not deviating from the national curriculum.


What Student Say About Us

"The method is based on the conviction that it is not the child who is at fault. They discover each child’s potential and then provide the 'just-right' level of study. They devised a bespoke plan for me after my assessment, then liaised with me to fully understand my fears and weaknesses. I went from getting scared when seeing a complex question, to smiling to myself due to my immense confidence gained after only a few months.

"It has been great, it helped me a lot and my maths has improved"


(year 10)

"I have improved massively and the teachers are very nice and fun. In maths at school I got 100% on my maths test"


(year 6)

"I feel like they really helped me to improve on the things I never knew I needed to improve on especially my mathematics"


"My performance at school has improved and I understand more now. The teaching is great, it's better than the one at my school. I like that the centre is a good space for learning and socialising, and also satisfied with the services provided"


(year 11)

"I think it is very very awesome and more people should join. I like the teaching, and my performance in school is really good now. I like all the teachers and also very good quality teaching"


(year 6)

"My maths has improved and I also like the free food provided at breaks haha"


(year 6)

"It is very cool. The tuition session has helped me get ahead of my class."


(year 9)

What Parents Say About Us

"More improvement in my Son's learning since joining"


"Excellent work you are doing for the community"


"I am very pleased with my son's change of attitude towards his extra classes. He now looks forward to coming and completing his tasks."


" My daughter has improved a lot and she got a place in the grammar school of her choice, after doing really well in the entrance exam. Thanks once again."


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