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What We Do

We make your child happy day after day



Our Maths tuition methodology is second to none, as we just don't teach students 2x2=4, but also explain why it is 4 with a range of mastery techniques for successful implementation.



Our bespoke English tuition does not only do away with labels attached to kids from their respective schools like reading age and all sorts. We show our students the imposed limitations can be changed with drive and effort



Our bespoke Science tuition tends to appeal to the intellectual curiosity of young individuals. We ensure hunger for scientific knowledge is constantly fed, nurtured, and encouraged.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are an education supplementary provider aiming to help shape communities' bright minds through our affordable tuition service without compromising on quality. Every child has a right to access bespoke learning without being stuck in a bubble of a "one shoe fits all" approach they face in their respective schools.

Our Students Reviews

"It has been great, it helped me a lot and my maths has improved"


(year 10)

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Nothing is too great a challenge with a Legends Tutor by your side.

Legends tutors are spectacular. they are expert coaches, excellent educators and enthusiastic motivators rolled into one! Not only are they high-achievers but they are passionate about sharing their learning methods to help your child thrive.

Legends tutors will coach your child to tackle the things that are tricky in an unorthodox but effective whilst celebrating the effort of getting them there.

Why Choose Us

We're making every child's world better


Brilliant Tutors

We know that people make a difference when it comes to learning.


Expert Instruction

Clear and concise teaching

methods tried and tested for decades.


Long-Term Success

A dramatic shift in effort and dedication is usually seen both at home, and school within 3 months.

20 years Of Experience

For over 20 years, we’ve treated students as individuals and tailored our tutoring programs to fit their unique needs, academic goals, and schedules. The best part? Our tutoring centers are proven to accelerate academic results, so you can trust us to help your child succeed.

Over 99% success rate


"My son has autism and had a slight passion for maths, but he was predicted a grade E in GCSE maths back in 2016. However, a Legends tutor reassured me not to worry and devised a personalised plan for him to which he achieved a grade B in maths after sitting his GCSE 3 months later. I was so happy that I had to take Jollof rice and chicken down to the centre the next day."

Mrs Shittu


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Our Testimonials

Trusted by Kids, Parents,
and Teachers

For years Legends Learning Centre has been delivering bespoke Maths and English tuition for children aged 9-19.​


Thousands of children have benefited from working on a curriculum tailored to their needs supported by skilled and dedicated tutors. Come and join us.

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